Standard Sorting for Teacher/Student Dashboards



How are Standards sorted on a user's Unified Classroom Dashboards?




The graph on the Standards Progress page shows the distribution of grades for each standard aligned to the course, for the selected class and reporting term.


All of the standards aligned to the class are listed in the Standards column. To the right of each standard, view a graph that displays the distribution of scores for the class. The colors in the graph correspond to the grade scale color levels.


For example, if the grade scale defines the standard score 4 as dark green, the graph displays a dark green bar that corresponds to the number of students who have a 4. The black demarcation line shows where the cutoff is between passing and failing grades. The numbers to the left and right colored bars show the total number of students who have passing grades versus the total number of students who have failing grades.




The Unified Classroom Dashboard displays the Standard that has the highest number of students who are inept/failing is displayed first on the Teacher's Dashboard. This display makes it easy to see whether or not students in the class are demonstrating mastery of the standard, and helps you consider your instructional response. If, for example, you find that most of the students have failing scores, you may decide to reteach the concept or provide more opportunities for practice.








Unified Classroom for Students, sort Standards similar to the Teacher Dashboards. The Standard that the student is failing will be displayed first on the Student's Dashboard. This display makes it easy for the Student to see which Standard needs additional attention or instruction. 





For additional information about Standards within Unified Classroom please check out the Unified Classroom Help articles! 


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