Security Advisory Service (SAS)

TSG is pleased to assist its customers and clients with further safeguarding your PowerSchool environment.  Our Security Advisory Service ("SAS") provides a complete end-to-end analysis of your PowerSchool environment, an evaluation of the likely threats and risks, and a robust set of prescriptions to institute and reinforce the most effective means to correct and mitigate the threats and risks we discover in your environment.  As would-be hackers are relentless in their efforts, this service is performed within your environment on an annual basis.    

Our certified and credentialed Security Engineering staff bring their vast wealth of expertise hardening infrastructure and systems to this service, and will leverage their experience with protecting the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation from cyberthreats to your benefit as they work with you to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your assets and data.

The scope of SAS consists of several step-by-step phases: 

1. Identify

  • Create a full accounting of the physical and virtual assets
  • Map the interaction of the assets within the ecosystem
  • Determine the public and private access to each asset within the ecosystem

2. Evaluate

  • Review the architecture, configuration, versioning, credentials, and business logic of all security elements

3. Assess

  • Calculate, test, or otherwise determine the nature, likelihood, and severity of risks and threats

4. Formulate

  • Determine steps to harden, secure, and correct the condition of security elements according to findings

5. Document

  • Capture inventory of assets, evaluation of security condition, and identified threat assessments
  • Create a summary of findings and recommendations in an easy-to-understand "report card"
  • Document actionable recommendations for consideration

6. Present and Discuss

  • Review findings and recommendations with customer staff
  • Address questions and concerns
  • Identify next steps and additional options

To purchase this service, or for more information about purchasing the ongoing provision of this service within the scope of our popular Enterprise Management Service subscription, please contact TSG at

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