app on iphone - log in every time?


app on iphone - log in every time?



I am a parent using PowerSchool mobile app downloaded via the AppStore on iphone 11 (latest iOS) and I am able to open/close powerschool multiple times throughout the week and receive push notifications without an issue.


However, my son is using Powerschool mobile app downloaded via the Appstore on iphone10 (latest iOS) and every time he closes powerschool, when he opens it again, he is asked to go through the (rather cumbersome) login procedure again..this happens every time.


Can you help me debug this? Yes, I have already removed/resinstaleld the PS app from his phone.


Thank you

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi! @georgerobert,


The common reason for this is that the parent and student portals may behave differently due to the way they are set up by the school district.  Since login requirements are configured by the school district, we recommend reaching out directly to the school to share the issue your son is having.

Muskan Sehar

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