Notifications not working anymore

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Notifications not working anymore



I'm using the PowerSchool Mobile App (Version 2.1.5 - 1081 b) on my iPhone (iOS 11.3.1). I have a couple of questions...


  1. I can't get the term to change to the current one. My son's school is on the Trimester system and I can't get it to flip from last Trimester to the current one in the Dashboard.
    1. How do I get it to reflect the current term and all its info such as G.P.A.?
      1. Someone mentioned that this might be something the School or the School Dist. has to do on their end. Is this true?
  2. Notifications have stopped popping up for grade postings. This stopped after the latest update came through I believe. 
    1. How can I turn them back on?
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Hi @SAH0622,


Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool community!


To answer your first question, the current term setting is controlled by the school or the district. To be able to see the current term data, you will need to reach out to your school district's technical support team and request that they change that setting if policy allows it. If they have issues with changing the setting, they can have an authorized Technical Contact reach out to the PowerSchool Technical Support line so that we can assist in troubleshooting the issue.


As far as your issue with notifications, the behavior that you are seeing is most likely related to not being able to see the current term data, because the app isn't able to see updates to your student's grades, attendance, and other data. However, if the notifications don't start working again after your school updates the setting so that you can see the current data, I would recommend performing the following steps:


  1. Log out of the PowerSchool Mobile app
  2. Uninstall PowerSchool Mobile from your device
  3. Shut down the device and wait 1 minute
  4. Start up the device
  5. Reinstall PowerSchool Mobie from the App Store
  6. Log in to PowerSchool Mobile 

Scott S.
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SAH0622, did ScottS's suggestions work for you? I am having the same issue on my iPhone and I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it did not work for me.


my wife and I recently upgraded our iphones to 8s and now our notifications dont work either.


Interesting. They told me it was my device but I tried reinstalling on an iPhone 6 and an iPad 3 and neither of those received notifications either. And the iPad 3 is not even the new iOS, still running 9.x.


I did the logout /remove app/ reboot / reinstall. No improvement.

Yup, I tried the same thing. Nothing worked. 

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Hi @mwallace!

Thank you for continuing to bring this to our attention. I am sorry you are still having issues with receiving notifications. I know that can be frustrating.

For those who are having this issue, I would recommend following Scott's initial troubleshooting steps as well as verifying that notifications are enabled for the application in the phone's settings outside of the app as well.

If you are still having trouble with notifications, I would encourage you to reach out to either our Mobile App support or reach out to your School District for further assistance. Our Mobile Support will work with you to try and identify the issue, but it is possible that we may need to work with the School District to verify their setup to see if there could be any issues there. If that is the case, please contact your School District and they can work with us on your behalf if they are unable to resolve the issue from their side.


Below is an article which goes over where you can create a support case with us here through this site if you need to.


Thank you again for posting!





I may be doing it wrong but to open a case i need to be a technical representative of the school, which im not.


So here is where I strand so far.


I have done the logout/remove/reboot/reinstall and relogin.

I have checked all my notification settings in the app and ios.

I have an iphone 8 with the latest IOS.

I have reached out to the parents in my community and i get some still get notification and some who lost them mid may like me, so i dont think its a school issue.


How do i engage app support as a parent?


I have tried all of these things too and reached out to app support. They ran some tests on their end with my personal login and said they were getting notifications and couldn't figure out why I wasn't.


I just learned today that another student (friend of my son) recently stopped getting notifications as well and he's on an iPhone 7. However, some parents and their children are still getting notifications.


I was told by app support to contact my school administrator...except I have no clue who is in charge of PowerSchool at the local high school but I will do my homework and see if it's something on their end.