PowerSchool Mobile Upcoming Security Update for Self-Hosted PowerSchool SIS Customers

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Dear Valued PowerSchool Customer, 

PowerSchool is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our K-12 education customers. For PowerSchool to continue providing the highest quality support, we are notifying you of upcoming changes to our PowerSchool SIS Mobile application. 

This announcement serves as an early notice that the PowerSchool SIS Mobile team will be releasing a security update to the PowerSchool Mobile app in early 2020 that will discontinue support for PowerSchool Mobile SIS self-hosted customers with any of the following environment configurations:   

  • No Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on your PowerSchool SIS server (http server address). 
  • An insecure SSL configuration or expired SSL certificate on your PowerSchool SIS server. 
  • A deprecated Transport Layer Security (TLS) version on your PowerSchool SIS server (minimum supported TLS version is 1.2). 

To verify your current SSL and TLS settings, enter your PowerSchool server URL hostname on the Qualys SSL Labs website. The test results will inform you of your current TLS version and provide details on your SSL configuration. 


If you uncover issues with your SSL or TLS versions, here are the possible solutions: 


  • Contact your SSL and TLS provider to upgrade or fix your TLS and SSL issues. 
  • Contact PowerSchool to migrate your self-hosted PowerSchool server to be hosted by PowerSchool. 
  • Contact PowerSchool to enroll in the PowerSchool Enterprise Management Service (EMS). 
  • Contact PowerSchool to work with our Services team to apply a one-time fix for your server to update the SSL and TLS.  

If you are interested in moving your server to be hosted or managed by PowerSchool, or in having PowerSchool apply one a time fix/update to your server, contact your Account Representative directly or email sales@powerschool.com for assistance. 


Failure to update or fix your SSL and TLS will result in your parent and student users being unable to access the PowerSchool Mobile application. There is currently no official date of when we will be discounting support but look for another tech note announcement in advance of when the update will take place. 



The PowerSchool Mobile Team