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linking accounts



I am a parent of a Sophomore  ant Monsignor Farrell and and freshman at Notre Dame Academy. Both use Powerschool. I have an existing account with the Monsignor Farrell and want to add my daughter to that account. i have tried and followed the directions provided and have been unsuccessful. I would like to speak to someone at Powerschool and am not a fan of this form of communication but it am not able to find a telephone number which is kind of annoying. Anyway, i would like help with this and would like for someone to get back to me as soon as possible since that ability seems to be just one way.

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Unless both Monsignor Farrell and Notre Dame Academy are on the same server and have the same four letter District Code, you cannot combine accounts in the app or on the Public Portal. As tech for a Catholic high school in the San Francisco Bay Area, most of the schools are separate and have separate PowerSchool servers. Your best bet is to use the app for the child you want to keep closer tabs on and then the parent portal for the other. Otherwise, you will have to log out of the app, change the district code and log in every time you want to see the other child's grade. 


The registrar or tech team at the two schools can also tell you if they share the same server or not.



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