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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello I'm going on hour number two of trying to find out what my 9th grader's grades are on this "nonsense" site. I've registered two or three times, I have all the Access IDs & Access Passwords as well as Disctrict code. This is a complete waste my time!

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Our Community is a great place to connect with other PowerSchool users and exchange ideas.


Please share a bit about yourself such as your role, where you are from, which PowerSchool solutions you are currently using, and any additional areas of interest you'd like to include. 


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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

@RichBergamesco I'm sorry you are having problems. This site (to the best of my knowledge) is for people who are on the IT side of using PowerSchool in the schools they work at.


You need to reach out the IT at the school your child is at. They are the ones who can help you.

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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!

The credentials you mention i.e. Access ID, password and District Code are all associated with PowerSchool Parent Portal.  PowerSchool’s Parent Portal provides parents/guardians confidential and real-time access to information tied to their children, such as attendance and grades, through their own PowerSchool Parent Portal account. PowerSchool’s Parent Portal also allows teachers and parents/guardians to communicate electronically so that information is shared on a regular, timely basis.  You can access Parent Portal via the PowerSchool Mobile app as well.

I have provided a link to a Knowledge Base article below that should help you walk through steps to access Parent Portal and install PowerSchool Mobile app on your phone.

What is the PowerSchool Mobile App and how do I download it?

District Code and Login

Powerschool Parent Portal Access


Feel Free to reach out to us if you have any further query.

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Re: Please Introduce Yourself!

Also, be sure you are setting up your account for the first time in the website and not the mobile app. Once you have an account set up you should be able to set up the mobile app. Contact your school for additional assistance. They can help you work through issues.