Q3 classes not showing up on schedule or in dashboard


Q3 classes not showing up on schedule or in dashboard

My son just started Q3 and he has a few new classes that only happen part of the year. These classes are not showing up in his schedule or on the dashboard. I have checked all of my settings on my app and online, logged in and out, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and they still do not appear. Is it an issue on the teacher/admin end with a setting that I can share with the teachers? They do not appear to know how to handle.


Thank you!

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Hi @colmonty,


There are a few settings on the Admin side that affect how classes are displayed on the PowerSchool SIS Mobile app.


If the classes and grades are not showing up on the PowerSchool SIS Parent Portal, the school or district may have disabled Parent access completely.


If you are able to see data on all tabs except for schedules, it may have to do with the Years and Terms setup on the district end.


I would also have them make sure that the student is active and enrolled in the classes on their end.


To help troubleshoot better, the Admins can contact PowerSchool Support directly to see if their setup is correct.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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