I was trying to see my son class schedule.it says unknown error
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I second this. Same error for over 2 weeks now.

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This just worked for me. I got this from another user on here.


I reached out to support due to same issue and received an email this morning with the following instructions which worked for me. The app now is working fine with no syncing errors:
You said you were getting the sync error pop up on the powerSchool app, right? They sent me this fix and it worked!
◦ Hard close the app (swipe up)
◦ Then, uninstall the app, turn off your phone for at least 30 seconds, and then reinstall the app.
◦ Then try forcing the mobile app to re-pull the district information:
◦ After logging out of the mobile app, you should see four boxes on the login screen, this is for the district code. Tap on the link right below the District Code that says “Where is my district code?”
◦ On the page that comes up tap “Enter Server Address” and then enter the URL in the box on the next page and hit submit. Note: The URL is your parent portal link."