PowerSchool mobile app crashes

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PowerSchool mobile app crashes



I'm a parent of a high school student who has been using the PowerSchool mobile app for several years now. In October a school administrator changed an email address on our account without my approval, or something. She contacted me about it but it was never quite clear what she did; in any case I asked to have the current email address reinstated, which was done that week. Unfortunately my PowerSchool mobile app has just stopped working. I'm assuming it's related to whatever the administrator did to the account, because that was the only thing that changed and it was working the week before. Now it won't let me in, just crashes every time during the initialization process. Whenever I uninstall and reinstall the app, it stays open the first time just long enough for me to input the school district code, and then it crashes again. 


I'm using an iPhone 6S with iOS version 11.4.1. The PowerSchool app version on my phone is 2.9.1 (3). I'm able to log into the website with the new credentials. The password has been changed a few times.


My husband's PowerSchool mobile app is still working for him; he has an older phone than I do: iOS 10.3.3 and the PowerSchool app on his phone is 2.1.2. 


So if anyone can give me any suggestions as to why this mobile app has stopped working for me and what I can do to get it working again, I'd be very appreciative. 

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Hi @ZippytheLizard,


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We recommend trying the basic troubleshooting steps first such as double-tapping the home button and closing the application from there, uninstall and reinstall the application after rebooting your device.  Then try forcing the mobile application to re-pull the district information.  After logging out of the mobile app, you should be able to see four boxes on the login screen for the district code. Tap on the link right below the District Code that says “Where is my district code?” on the login screen. On the page that comes up tap “Enter Server Address” and try entering the URL in the box on the next page and hit submit. This is the URL in the web address bar that you see when accessing the web portal.


If this is not resolving your issue, we recommend working with your school district as we would need to look into this more to troubleshoot the issue further.

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