Issues with Powerschool mobile (Android)

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Issues with Powerschool mobile (Android)

I am having an issue with Powerschool mobile for Android.  I get the first screen, where I can enter my district code, and successfully get the green check mark.  I am unable to enter a user name and password.  Those fields are locked and unable to accept text.  The app is unusable as it is.  What can we do to get into this application and use it?

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Thank you for your post. I would first verify that you are able to log in through the parent portal through a typical browser on a desktop or laptop. If so, I would like to check as a troubleshooting step if it is not the device itself. You will want to try installing it on another Andriod device and/or install it on an Apple device to see if the result is the same. If the username and password fields are not allowing you to enter information, it may mean that the mobile app has not been enabled at the district level. 


Alternatively, If your PowerSchool account has been disabled in the PowerSchool mobile apps, you will want to contact your school directly to find out more information regarding the reason they have disabled these features and when/if they plan on enabling them again.


*Note: PowerSchool Group, LLC does not have control or access to your school’s PowerSchool features or configuration settings.


The next school year will depend on how your school district has configured its yearly terms within the PowerSchool server. Most schools schedule the starting of the year only a few days or weeks prior to the first day of the fall semester or quarter. The mobile apps will not send the next year's data until it has started. This all depends on how your school(s) have configured their terms. Please contact your school district directly to find out more information about their configuration.




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I was also having this same issue a while back but now its fixed.