Are you using PowerSchool and Filewave for iOS management?

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Are you using PowerSchool and Filewave for iOS management?

I was wondering if anyone is using PowerSchool and Filewave to assign devices to students.


I've found the integration with Apple/PowerSchool/Filewave to be lacking and basically unusable.


Last summer, in a trial with three Kindergarten classes, manually creating the .csv will un-exportable Apple-assigned ID numbers was impractical to upload to Filewave, and Filewave's limited access of SIS data from Apple impossible to use but for 1:1 handmade associations.


You can't export Apple SIS data from School Manager to manipulate in a spreadsheet with Filewave exports to create a .csv worth using.


What solutions has this community come up with? I'd be really interested to know.



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Hi @ashilnayak2,


We encourage PowerSchool Community members who use PowerSchool and Filewave for iOS device management to share their experience on the process they use to assign devices to students.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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