Voice Comments


Voice Comments

It would be great to be able to record voice comments and attach them in the comment box for assignments.  This is a great option for allowing more detailed feecback without having to worry about typing.  Students could playback feedback right in the assignment window.  It is also extremely helpful for langauge teachers.

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Good afternoon @ABAlfano87!


Thank you so much for taking your time to share that feedback with us! When teachers grade assignments, they have an option to write a message If they record their voice using an external app. As long as they have that sound file available on their computer, they can use the 'Choose Files' or 'Drag Files here' to attach a voice file and send it to the student on that specific assignment. As long as the student is able to download the file onto their machine they should be able to listen to it in that way. While there is not currently a feature in place to record audio files within Learning itself, I would be happy to submit a feature request to our Product Team on your behalf if this is a feature you would like to see in the future!


I would also like to open the forum up to any Learning users that may use audio recordings within Learning to hear your feedback on best practices for doing so!


As always, please continue to share your great ideas in the forum; we encourage you to share your vision for how PowerSchool can best serve you in the future! 




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I like to use the Chome extension called Talk and Comment.  This extension is easily accessible anytime you are working in Chrome.  One of the things I like about it is as soon as you are done recording your comment it automatically generates a URL.  You can then copy that URL and paste it anywhere you would typrically leave any other comment to students.  Once the student opens their assignment they will see the link, click on it  and listen to the comment you left for them.


 If you want to add a video component to your comments there is another Chrome extension called Loom.




Adobe PDF alllows for short audio recordings to be placed at different places in a document. Having something like this would be awesome so that teachers can leave specific comments on specific areas of an assignment. So if it is a writing assignment then paragraphs or expressions can be highlighted. In my case I found it very useful when grading programming exercises since kids got feedback based on their logic step by step rather than one audio file summarizing everything. 


Implementing something like this would be huge. Even if it is a 10 second file limit the benefits are aplenty.