Video Problems

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Video Problems

We are runnign a class in Powerschool that has videos. On some videos, but not all, students are getting this message:


Error setting up player:
Invalid license key


But some of these videos were working yesterday. This happened in the middle of a week long class. We are username OneStory. Can someone please look into this or point us to how to make these work properly? I see no way to contact tech support directly.

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Thank you for your post.

I will defer this to members of the Forum that have used PowerSchool videos.


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Hi @onestory


It sounds like you are experiencing this in PowerSchool Learning. Is that correct? We have moved this to the Learning forum, but if you are not asking about Learning, we would be happy to move this to the correct forum.


Our team is taking a look at your question. If others are having a similar issue, we encourage them to reply and share as well.


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