Using moodle 3.4 as LTI provider with PSL


Using moodle 3.4 as LTI provider with PSL

We are looking to use LTI provide access to activities from our moodle 3.4 insance for services not currently available in PSL (choice and scheduling). We have our moodle 3.4 up and published as a LTI provider and have a sample moodle course that is providing a resource via LTI. Our goal is for the LTI integration to work so that our users operate fully from within PSL and never need to interact directly with moodle.


Here's where things seem to go a bit sideways:

  • Looks like PSL is trying to reformat the XML passed from the moodle LTI activity (?)
  • Even with the switches in the PSL activity set correclty, it doesn't appear that parameters are being passed from PSL to moodle to check for the existence of the user in moodle and, if not, create the user and enroll them in the sample moodle course.
  • It appears that PSL is still only using LTI 1 - it woudl be great if PSL could honor the LTI 2 protocols


Any tips/tweaks/punchlines welcome and appreciated -


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Community Moderator

Hi @RHendricks,


Thanks for sharing this request. We are happy to offer some suggestions and let others jump in as well if they have experience with using Moodle LTI.


Because the nature of this question is domain specific, and may require assistance from our support team, I have created a support ticket for you with PowerSchool Learning. Someone will be reaching out directly to you on this ticket soon.


Thank you,

Scott S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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