Training Videos and other related needs and concerns


Training Videos and other related needs and concerns



I provide support district-wide to teachers using PowerSchool.  I need access to all available training videos.  I am also in need of an explanation as to how the support area is organized.  It is extremely confusing and I often find myself reading information geared towards other products PowerSchool offers despite having filtered for PowerSchool Learning (formally Haiku). Finally, the videos that have recently been provided the newsletter lead to support for Schoology.  This is not helpful for those of us supporting teachers using PowerSchool learning during this challenging time.  

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Hello @vfirestone,


Please refer to the links provided below of PowerSchool Learning training materials. The videos attached in these sites should guide and assist teachers and admins with various "How To" aspects of PowerSchool Learning.


PowerSchool Learning How-To (Teachers) 


PowerSchool Learning How-To (Admins) 




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