Student Google Assignment handout not created


Student Google Assignment handout not created



We use Unified Classroom with PS Learning


We have inconsistencies (different students in different courses) that when a teacher creates an assignment with the handout feature (google integration), some students DO NOT get their personalized copy ever. When we have looked into this with our own eyes in the students computer, the assignment just keeps trying to open (4 little dots of patience) and the screen goes to the teacher google doc (view only).


**NO specific pattern so hard to identify the root cause 


ANY HELP on this? This is making our teachers very frustrated and wanted to go back to Google Classroom.




Daniela Silva

Director of Technology & Learning Innovation

The American School of Lima

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Hi there @DSilva!


That sounds like it may be an authentication issue in the Learning domain .


Something you can check for the students that are seeing the issue is to check that the student account in the Learning Domain is also using Google for Authentication. If they are using PowerSchool Learning instead of Google for authentication then some of the G-Guite features will not work right for those accounts.


This is where you can check the authentication for the students accounts in the Learning Domain.


If that isn't the problem, I would recommend opening up a support case with a couple of example students and classes and we can dig into the issue from that end.


Hopefully, this info gets you through the problem though.