Setting up photos for Powerschool

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Setting up photos for Powerschool

I am the school photographer for several school districts that have switched to using powerschool this year, and i am trying to figure out how I need to format the photos and the map file before sending it to our schools to import into powerschool. We are familiar with iNow and its process, but this format did not work in Powerschool. Is there an instruction video or anything somewhere that will help me?

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PowerSchool Mentor

@cghughes , image format should be JPG (up to 200 x 300*) and the mapping file should be a tab-delimited TXT with the student ID number in the first column and the file name in the second column.


* while PowerSchool (the software) will accommodate larger images, the 200 x 300 is just a recommendation for display.  Our students' photos are 170 x 220 and that works just fine for us.

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