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Re: Student in Multiple Sections

I am a music teacher who teaches both Orchestra and Choir.  Her orchestra is 5th period and choir is 6th period.  Most information for the entire program is on a main page and then I have sections for each group.  In each section, I have different assignments and instructions.  My problem is that she can't be added to the choir class so she can't complete any of the assignments that I post there.

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We would love to look into having the student added to the Choir section as well as the Orchestra section.  Would you please provide the following information to allow us to further assist?


  • What do you experience when attempting to assign the student to the Choir section?
  • Can you confirm the student is active in the 6th-period Choir class in the district's Student Information System?
  • Are the imported rosters linked to a Master Class that was created in PowerSchool Learning?
  • Is the student currently in one of the sections?

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