Powerschool Learning system messages


Powerschool Learning system messages

Hello, all.


Powerschool Learning, as you all know, sends messages about upcoming maintenance in the form of blue banners at the top of our screen. The current banner, as well as the previous banner from last week, had an error: "On Friday September 4, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM PDT we are doing maintenance and updates to PowerSchool Learning. There may be intermittent connectivity to the aforementioned application for the duration of the maintenance window." Intermittent connectivity? Connectivity what? Connectivity issues? Connectivity errors? This has driven me mad for two weeks, and I didn't know who to tell about it.


Thank you all very much

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

HI @EDG_543,


Thank you for your feedback.


You can find more information regarding the upcoming PowerSchool Learning maintenance on our status page at status.powerschool.com

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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