Powerschool Learning students turning in late work


Powerschool Learning students turning in late work

Wondering if issues related to students submitting to discussion boards or taking assessments after they have closed has been remedied.

This is the issue that we have run into - a teacher sets a date work needs to be completed (to avoid confusion they set this completion date as the same date the submission site will close); if a student does not submit the work by the time the close date occurs there is not a good process for them to submit the work in PSL. A teacher has to reopen the work to accept the submission. Doing this creates another calendar post and students think a new assignment/quiz has been created because it shows up on their calendar. Doing this also changes any grades that have been manually changed by a teacher back to the grade a student achieved on the work.


A system needs to be created which allows students to  submit work late without the impact it has on the calendar or manually overridden grades.

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for sharing this feedback in the PowerSchool Community!  


I recommend sharing your suggestion directly with our Product team in our PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  You will want to select Unified Classroom Learning as the product and share details of this idea.


This video walks through the process of submitting ideas in the Ideas Portal

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