No active classes available


No active classes available

Hi There ~


I have two students receiving odd error messages.


Student N - has successfully logged in and navigated around the learning platform but tried to log in last night and was told there were no active classes - See Screen Shot N. She had no problem this morning.


Student S - has not been able to log in with the invite sent to her. She has used the platform for grades in the past. See Screen shot S for her error message. When she clicks on the Manage Class drop down menus her options aren't student related.


Please help!


Thanks in advance 🙂


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Good Afternoon @Heidierin,


Thank you for your post.  From the information provided , it looks like you are experiencing an account set-up issue.  As this is something that requires further troubleshooting, we would recommend reaching out directly to our support team. 


We have provided a link to an article that you may also find of use Learning-My-Account/What-do-I-do-if-I-need-more-help-as-a-Solo-Account-User.


Thank you again for your post, have a great weekend.



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