Mass Email - Any feature?


Mass Email - Any feature?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a quick and easy way to send a mass email to Parents/guardians of their student's Individual Student Reports?

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Community Support Expert

Hi! @anagemma 


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Teachers can now send a mass email to parents/guardians in the latest version of PowerTeacher Pro 20.4.3, where you have an email feature.  I recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contacts within the district who should be able to assist you with the mass email functionality.


Please note that PowerTeacher Pro Email,  only allows plain text messages.  You cannot add images, attachments, or special formatting.



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I've asked about this feature as well.  PS seams to point to mass email through PowerTeacher or exporting addresses for a generic message, but neither of these options allow for individualized reports (Object reports, report cards, form letters) to be emailed to the associated account.   


For example, it would be nice if we can select a group of students, generate an individualized report, and send to the email address associated with each account in the group with one function instead of individually emailing.  Other SISs have this function so the process exists...