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Item Source

I have no idea where such a basic question goes so sorry if this is not the place for it.  If this is the incorrect forum, please let me know where this question goes.  


1) What is an item source?  Is it in essence a folder I am going to put questions I create into for organization?  (i.e. Benchmark assessment items for Algebra 1)


2) What is the difference between an item source and an item bank?  Is item bank something that is already built in and an item source something I created?  It seems I can only create an item source and not an item bank.


3) Can I delete an item source if our organizational system changes?  Does doing so also delete the items within that item source or do they just get dumped into the "folder" the item source was in?


4) I think I came across it somewhere, but I just wanted to make sure, there is a way to move items from one item source to another correct?

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  1. The Item sources and the item banks are used for grouping and storing items and resources. 
    Item sources are similar to file drawers and the banks are similar to the file folders in those drawers, with the items being similar to the papers in the folders.
  2. One item source can contain multiple, related item banks.  Item banks can be user-created and added to an item source.  


  3. If an item source is deleted then all items within that item source will also get deleted.
  4. If you have author permissions for a bank, you can move an item to another item bank for which you also have author permissions. The moved item inherits the permissions of the destination bank.

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