Is there a date limit when searching for a Gdrive file to add to an assignment?


Is there a date limit when searching for a Gdrive file to add to an assignment?

If I try to add a google doc to an assignment I am unable to locate the file using the PSL Gdrive search if the document is older, or not recently edited. 


Instead of last modified, I tried searching by file name and entered it exactly as it appears in my drive.  It does not appear. 


If I edit the document then it appears when I search for it by name. 


Is there a filter limiting the google docs I can add to my assignment?  Why can't I search for older documents? 

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The Google File Picker is broken. This is a reported/known issue now. We have a lot of people finding the scrolling and looking up the file manually, understandably, quite bothersome. We are told it is being fixed and will be rolled out for the fall update.


Eagerly awaiting a fix for this.  We use the latest modified by option for now. 



Please tell us it will be using the google.picker.ViewId.FOLDERS!


It would also be great if the developers implemented thesupportsAllDrives=true feature to enable Google Shared Drives. The appropriate documentation can be found here:



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Thank you for posting your suggestion in the Community!

I have submitted a feature request to the PowerSchool Product team on your behalf to enable the Supports All Drives feature within PowerSchool Learning and Unified Classroom. We thank you for your suggestions to improve PowerSchool Learning and Unified Classroom for all users.

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