Improving Teacher Interface for Assignment Annotator


Improving Teacher Interface for Assignment Annotator

Hi All,


We are looking at trying out PSLearning school-wide and here is a summary of some feedback  and suggetssions regarding the assingment annotator interface.


1)  From clicking on "View Work" it should be easier to determine for new users what they should click next to see the actual preview of the student submitted work.


2)  The "Assignment Messages" window generated after clicking on the student's name seems a superflous additional step and should be removed.  The submission details and "Open In" option could be easily included on the original submissions page accessed by clicking "view work"


3)  When opening an assignment in Annotator, it would be nice if the screen usage was more efficient.  Move assignment details off to the right hand side (along with scoring and comments) so that more height of the submitted page can be seen at the same time as assingment information.  An interface for rubrics and grades could be included in this side panel so that annotator is your "one-stop grading window."  Read-->Annotate-->Select rubric marks-->Enter Comments-->Enter Score.  Canvas' "Speed Grader" interface is a good example.


4)  For ease of reading, it would be nice if you could scroll smoothly through the annotated document instead of having to click to change pages. 





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Hi @ABAlfano87,


Thank you for posting this feedback in the PowerSchool Community! We will be happy to share this with our Learning team. 


If anyone else in the community has any ideas they would like to share please feel free to join in below!


Thanks again @ABAlfano87!



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