Importing a class from a free version of PS Learning to the Enterprise version


Importing a class from a free version of PS Learning to the Enterprise version

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I have a colleague who has been running a class on the free version of PS Learning for a few months now. He has created assessments, graded them, and essentially has all the required student data in it. Now, we are starting to use our enterprise version (the official subscription based one) and he was trying to export from the free version and import into the enterprise version. When he tries this he gets a message notification that says "none of the student data like attendance, grades, discussion posts etc. will be exported since the rosters might be different.


We are pretty sure there is no work around for this and he has to start by creating new student-content from scratch (assignments, grades etc) but still wanted an official confirmation of the same.





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Hello @skrishna,


Thank you for your great question regarding importing a class from the free version of PS Learning to the Enterprise version.   It is possible to move content into your new Learning domain from the free version such as class pages, assessments and assignments.  However, the reason he is getting this message is that data such as student grades does stay with the original class.   He can export rosters, print gradebooks and run reports to assist with this transition between systems.  What many schools do is wait for a grading period to end before making such a shift.  He will still have access to the old data in the free version, and can either share reports with student or allow them access to the old class for a period of time. 


You or he might find the following resources helpful while navigating this transition: and


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