Import Class into Haiku


Import Class into Haiku

Hello, I am trying to import into Haiku a class that was an export from Haiku.  Four of the last five imports worked great with the same file extension of imscc, however, this one reaches about 1.2 gb of 1.2 gb and stops importing with an error of "File is not a valid import file (must be a .zip or .mbz file)". 

Help? Thank you!


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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for posting your question in the PowerSchool Community!


We recommend exporting and importing classes into PowerSchool Learning using common cartridge files.  I have provided articles below that should guide you through the process of exporting and importing classes using common cartridge files.


How do I export my class content in Common Cartridge format, and what is included?


How do I import my Moodle Backup or Common Cartridge file into my class?

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