Hey PS, uploads still aren't working although status page says otherwise


Hey PS, uploads still aren't working although status page says otherwise

Can't even upload a small word file or pdf....just sits their grayed out saying file is still being copied.

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

It's nice to know that the PowerSchool Team has time to post useful tips like "Practical Life Lessons for Students" and not time to update the Status Page or fix PowerSchool Learning.  @MDeFore I understand your pain!

Dan Morgan
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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @MDeFore@DanM3,

We are extremely sorry for the issue you have been experiencing when uploading files on PowerSchool Learning.

I have reached out to you via Private Message to share more information related to the upload issues experienced on PowerSchool Learning.  You can view your private messages inside the PowerSchool Community by selecting the envelope in the top right corner of any page in the Community to the right of your avatar.  When a new message appears, you should see the number one with a dark red circle on the envelope.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your continued patience.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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