Grades appearing in grade book for assessment never taken!


Grades appearing in grade book for assessment never taken!

I have a student in one of my classes that just started on Tuesday. Her mother emailed and said that she has a 41% in the class and just opened it for the first time today! The class consists of 4 quizzes, and each one has either a grade or a 0 in it. I have removed this student from the roster and re-entered her, and those exact grades still pop back up! How do I fix this?

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Hi @nextlevelhomeschool,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance through the Community!  By default, standards for which a student has no data will be ignored, unless the teacher has chosen to count blanks as zeroes in the class.  I am providing an article that provides more information.  You can review the article here.


If you have any other questions let me know and I will be glad to help!

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I'm sorry, but did you even read my problem or just see that it was a gradebook issue and directed me to the article?

I have a student who has just started a brand new class. She opens it up and it says she has a 41% and has grades filled in for all of the quizzes (none of which she has taken). I tried to remedy this by deleting her from the roster and putting her back in, but the same exact thing happens with the same exact grades popping up. This is some kind of a technical glitch and I need it fixed immediately, as she is unable to take her "one time only" quizzes because it's saying she's already taken them. Is there someone in tech support I can contact?

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Thank you for your clarification!


Removing a student from a class does not remove the grade for an assignment.  The student's grade is hidden.  When the student is added to the class and assignment again, the previous grade received is shown.  If the student should not have the grade that is appearing, I recommend clearing the gradebook and having the student retake the quiz. 

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