Grade Integration errors (Learning to PT Pro)


Grade Integration errors (Learning to PT Pro)

We have around 900 of this instances under the "Grade Integration Log Detail" in PowerSchool Learning:


uninitialized constant Powerschool::Client::UnhandledpowerschoolError. Params: '{"online_work_subtype"=>"Exam", "external_user_id"=>"T5", "extra_credit"=>false, "standardcalcdirection"=>false, "haiku_entry_id"=>10852099, "gradable_id"=>"4462414", "points"=>7, "description"=>"


\r\n", "name"=>"VOLLEYBALL TEST", "external_class_id"=>"42353", "external_assignment_id"=>nil, "gradable_type"=>"Assessment", "update_scores"=>false, "gen_ts"=>1535978071, "date_assignment_due"=>"Mon Sep 03 12:20:00 GMT 2018", "online_work_type"=>"Assessment", "haiku_domain_id"=>7305, "retry_count"=>0, "__ENV__"=>{"HOSTNAME"=>nil}}'



Can someone tell us why is this happening and how can we solve this?




Daniela Silva


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @DSilva


Thank you for your post! I checked our article on common messages you may encounter and I don't see the one you shared listed here:


I would recommend starting a support request on this so that our team can take a closer look at your specific classes and error reports. If others have encountered the same message, I welcome them to share.










PowerSchool Community Manager