Google doc assignments sorted by sections?


Google doc assignments sorted by sections?



So I've just created my first assignment with the gsuite integration. The folder for the assignment was automatically created in my google drive, just like it was supposed to be. However, there is no sorting of assignments by sections, so in the end there will be 155 copies of this assignment in the folder. Is there any way to get the folder to sort kids by sections to make looking over their work much easier?

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Student names are automatically appended to handouts that teachers have included. The files can be sorted using the Owner column.


I have provided a link to a Knowledge Base article that explains how Google Doc Assignments are managed in Google Drive, this should help you with your query.


How are Google Doc Assignments managed in Google Drive?


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I realize that. However, when there's 160 kids in a class, that's 160 files in one folder and we have two teachers teaching the course. Sorting through the work would be much easier if the folder sorted the work into the already existing sections.


One option is to view the assignments, and choose to view by section (top right corner of assignments screen). Then, choosing an assignment by clicking on the "view work" button. This will only show the items submitted by the assigned section. 


Click on one student and wait for the popover to load to see the submited work; you can use the ">" next button to see the next item submitted.


WIt's vastly better than sorting through 160 items in a google drive folder, but it's still not super convienent.