Google Handout Issue


Google Handout Issue

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the Google Drive handout feature?  Sometimes we have cases where the entire class is unable to access the handout and sometimes we have cases where half the class can access the handout and the other half can't. It spins and won't ever create their file.

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I found on my sample student side, if I x out the assignment page and go back, it usually works the second time. But yes, the performance is inconsistent. Also, the entire UC interface is way too slow!!! It took about 4-5 seconds for a file to open a short time ago.


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We had that issue and we thought possibly it was because some students were not logging in via Google? We were never able to figure out if that was the issue or not, but our system allows them to login via google or a direct username and password.  I'm curious if anyone else resolved the issue.

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PowerSchool Champion

We had a similar issue in our district and at first I couldn't replicate the problem w/ my sample student account.  Then... I did a zoom meeting w/ the teachers reporting the issue and low and behold... it happened to me!  The difference?  When I was testing it the day before I had logged in fresh.  I left everything up in tabs when I left for the night and just closed my laptop (I guarantee that's what our students do w/ their Chromebooks!).  When I went to click on the assignment it just spun.  When I clicked on the Google Drive symbol it opened it up... but it was NOT the handout COPY it was the teacher's copy.  I logged out and back in and the problem disappeared... the handout copied as expected and the response time was quick.  The other issue we found was when students were trying to upload a file to an assignment.  If they hadn't logged out prior it didn't show as being uploaded so students were uploading multiple versions of the same document.  When I clicked refresh in my browser it appeared with the original time stamp attempted.

Hope this helps!

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