Final Grade is Not Calculating

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Final Grade is Not Calculating

I have recently taken over two new courses on Powerschool and for some reason the final grade is not calculating. At the beginning of the term I created categories for my 3 classes, setup traditional grade calculations and put all the assignments and tests in; no problem, grades showed up fine.


Two months later, I lost two of the classes, but started 2 more. I setup the traditional grade calculations the same with the same categories, entered all the assignments and test, but now with these two classes there is no final average grade.  There one original class I have still functions fine, but the two new ones do not.  Any ideas what the problem could be?


p.s. I did read through an earlier post on this. The assignments are all set to be counted in the final grade.

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This is posted under PowerSchool Learning. Are you using PowerTeacher Pro gradebook?



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