Feature Request: Control publication of content within a class


Feature Request: Control publication of content within a class

Hi All,


Would it be possible to provide a way of controlling student access to content within a class?  For example, if you want to post the answers to a particular assignment in your course, but you don't want the students to have access to it until the next class meeting.


Being able to toggle on/off student access to content blocks and individual content within a content block would provide a great level of control for teachers and would enable better sequencing of learning for students.  This could also lead later on to self-guided modules that require a student to work through readings/documents/assingments in sequence.




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Hi Andrew


I don't believe there is way to control access to content blocks that exist on a given page.  I would probably nest a new page under your exisiting page that had your assignment and call it something like "Answers to Feb 8 assignment" and just not publish it until you were ready for students to see it. That's all I got!




I see what you're trying to do here, but I would approach it a different way if you are a GSFE District. I'd use Google Forms and on submission you'd get an access link to another Google Doc that has whatever the next task you might have would be. You could layer it in a million different ways as well. Until they add that feature request, if they ever do, it's possible to do what you want. But again, you need GSFE to make it happen.


I have not found a way to do this yet. I have many teachers asking for it, though.


My current workaround is to add a page of "resources" for that unit that will never be published. When the teacher is ready for that content block to be published, they use the "move" feature to slide it over to the published page.