Embeding an Instagram Profile / Feed

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Embeding an Instagram Profile / Feed

Hello, I teach High School Photography and Art and was hoping I could somehow embed Instagram profiles or feeds into my PowerSchool Learning Pages.  It is cumbersome for me to be constantly screenshotting or embeding individual pictures from Instagram (for example, right now tons of artists and educators are recreating classic paintings and posting with the #covidclassics) 

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There is a feature in PowerSchool Learning to "embed the web" as one of the content blocks.  I was able to embed one of our school's Instagram posts onto my page. However, I can't find where you can embed an entire Instagram account.

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Hi @kisaacson


As @DanM3 suggested, you can embed a website and/or Instagram too into a class using the Embed the Web tool, and a simple iFrame.


I have attached an article here that should guide you with embedding a website or webpage into your class.

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