Dropped Lowest Score in a Category

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Dropped Lowest Score in a Category

I have set up powerschool pro to drop the lowest score in a category. How can I see which score the computer is dropping?



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Hi @abou,


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You can drop the lowest overall score or the lowest score by a category. If each category is marked for drop lowest score so the lowest score would be dropped from each category. 


In PowerTeacher Gradebook, functionality exists to drop the lowest scores either by Total Points or Category Weights.


How PowerTeacher Gradebook determines which scores to drop when there are two of the same score:


  1. Drop the lowest percentage scores. If point possible is 0, the percentage value is considered infinitely large.
  2. In case of a tie, drop the percentage score with the lowest weighted points.
  3. In case of a tie, drop the score with the lowest un-weighted points.
  4. If there is a tie, drop the score with the earlier due date.
  5. If there is a tie, the order is arbitrary.

Please let me know in case of further questions.



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