Creating a template-why do all assignments transfer even when I don't check them off?

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Creating a template-why do all assignments transfer even when I don't check them off?

I wanted to create a template from a class. I followed the directions including:

"Use the check boxes to choose the content you wish to copy to your new Template."

I chose the content I wanted, and I DID NOT choose ASSIGNMENTS or ASSESSMENTS. When I opened my newly created template, all the assignments and assessments were copied as well. 

So... how do I create a class/template without including all the assignments from the class I am making a template of? Thanks, DJohnson

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Hi @djohnson1


Thank you for reaching out about this. Are these assignments and assessments part of your pages in your class? Also, when you create a template, do you select copy all page content?


When you create an assignment and assessment, you have the option to add them to pages in your class. Without looking at your specific class, one thought is that those assignments and assessments may be attached to your pages and are copying along with all page content to your template. If this is the case, you can edit any assignment or assessment and remove the show in the assignment or assessment block option before you create a template. You can also edit any existing template to remove those assignments/assessments as well.


If this isn't quite what you are experiencing, we may need to take a look at your specific class and template. I would recommend using the Help menu in Learning to contact our support team and share the link to the class and template so that our team can take a closer look.





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