Cannot upgrade


Cannot upgrade

Just got a message that I had exceeded the number of users I could add on account, telling me to upgrade. When I try to upgrade, however, there is no option... And when I scroll down to Subscription, it is telling me it will go back to a free account in July 2020.


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Community Support Expert

Hi! @norskk,


If you are using a solo teacher account then we have a great thread that addresses the upgraded subscriptions for a solo teacher account.  Please click here to review the thread.  If you are using a PowerSchool Learning Domain account, I recommend reaching out to the PowerSchool Learning administrator of your school or the sales representative at who should be able to assist you further.

Muskan Sehar

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Doing this type of things without the decency of even a warning is despicable business practices. We will reach out all right. But to a different company. Cannot reasonably commit our money with people who can't commit, not only a service, but common courtesy.


Hi fellow-Haiku user, 


I see you are having the same frustrations with the downgrade. Have you learned anything more? I have a class coming up and am confused about if they are downgrading in June or July. Each response says something completely different. Just wondered if you happened to have any insight..


I'm so frustrated with this help forum!


They are shutting us down... Meaning we will lose data associated with set up classes, and students will not longer be able to access the courses. They are also shadow banning many accounts by not sending welcome emails to students that are being added.


Hi @norskk@Lissajensen 


Thank you for sharing your feedback!


We have placed communication regarding the change on the subscription page. We have shared your feedback with the team to share communication more directly.


With the recent update to PowerSchool Learning, the options of purchasing more storage is no longer supported. After our systems were recently updated, users with a PowerSchool Learning solo account will be provided 5 active classes, 2GB of storage, and 375 user accounts.


Solo users do have the ability to create a second solo account with PowerSchool Learning to allow a total of 10 active classes and 750 user accounts between the two accounts. The two accounts will be separate and have 2GB of storage, five active classes, and 375 user accounts each. 


We recommend moving to Schoology for best practices. 


You may be interested in the basic accounts within Schoology.  You can learn more about the Schoology basic account here.

Sowmya Karmel
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