Best Practices: How to Carry over a Class Page from term to term.

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Best Practices: How to Carry over a Class Page from term to term.

What is the best way to carry over a Class Page (within the Unified Classroom) or its content from one term to another? Share, Save As, etc? There seems to be a number of options.

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I would also be interested in this.  Especially with Master Class that are linked to rosters


Hello @DanM3@jhanlon,


Thank you both for your post!  Per your post, you would like to the best way to carry over a class page from term to term.  I have listed the best place to start in the steps below, including Master Class.  Steps 1-3 are the same, and the 4th step is where Master Class comes in


1. Make current class inactive.

2. Manage class >Save as.

3. Update the title and school year of the copy you just created. (optional, but recommended)


Master Class

4. Add the new roster according to your school's preference.


Also, I have provided a link below that is listed within the Community and will provide further insight.

I hope this information is useful and let us know if you have any other questions!




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