Assessment attempts and forfeiting


Assessment attempts and forfeiting

I recently gave an assessment as a homework assignment for a very important lesson in my class. I opened the assessment and instructed kids to go take it before next class. They were also told they would have to get a 100 in order to pass the assessment. If they did not get a 100 they would keep taking it again but only after I left comments and discussed issues students were having. 


This became an absolute mess! For some reason PSL "forfeits" students future attempts if they look at my comments. As a teacher this really confuses me. I want kids to learn from  their mistakes and then fix them. This seems to not allow review, which makes me wonder how it could be used? Why would I want to have kids take an assessment 3 times with no feedback? Shouldn't we at least the option to turn this off even if someone somehow does use this for teaching/learning?


Needless to say I spent the weekend checking my PSL to make sure I deleted the forfeit everytime a kid tried to retake the assessment. 

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Hi @mlibby,

Thank you for your detailed question about enabling review of assessments without students forfeiting subsequent attempts.


While we don't currently have a feature that allows you to prevent students from automatically forfeiting subsequent attempts on an Exam, we may be able to emulate this behavior with a practice exam.


Do your exams contain essay questions? If not, then creating a version of your Assessment as a Practice Exam might be the best option for you in this instance. That would allow your students to view the results of the exam as well as your comments and re-take them over multiple attempts without forfeiting future attempts.

Scott S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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