ADA/ADM by Student Report Explanation


ADA/ADM by Student Report Explanation

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I'm attempting to understand how the ADA/ADM report (located under System Reports > ADA/ADM by Student) produces the values we see in the columns. Overall I would just like a better understanding of what this report does and what the values mean.


If anyone has an explanation or documentation that would help me that would be great!

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This report shows daily membership, how many days the student was enrolled in school and daily attendance, how many days the student actually attended school.  Taking all the students' data into consideration, this report calculates the ADA (average daily attendance) and ADM (average daily membership) for the school as a whole.  We use this report to compare to what our state department has and to find discrepancies.  Having this report by student helps us drill down to find out which entity is correct and make those corrections because bottom line... this is how schools are funded.

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If you run ADA/ADM by Date, you can find stats for a particular day or date range as well.

Hope this helps!

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