Recommendations for Creating and Uploading Content in PowerSchool Learning

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Recommendations for Creating and Uploading Content in PowerSchool Learning

Lead Community Moderator

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, users are moving to PowerSchool Learning to continue their classwork for distance and virtual learning. We would like to provide you with a few resourceful articles that can help during this time including, posting content without the need to upload as a teacher or download content as a student. These time- saving measures will point students to the learning materials that are already posted online, eliminating the need to upload the image/video to your Class Pages within a Content Block.


Uploading or downloading content can be a common delay for online tools. Linking to the content when possible using these methods will help lessen the load for teachers and students using your PowerSchool Learning platform.


While we are continuing to expand and strengthen our PowerSchool Learning application along with increasing the infrastructure to serve the volume of customers who are using the product in newer and expanded ways, the helpful articles presented below are ways teachers can partner with us in this process. Thank you for your continued support.



Using Content Blocks Effectively:


What to do when videos are taking a long time to download:


Adding images from another website:


Adding images using Flickr