Added Notification Option for Content Updates


Added Notification Option for Content Updates

In light of the COVID19 happenings, I think it might be beneficial to offer students the option to enable instant email or SMS notifications for content updates, notifications for which are currently offered only in the form of daily emails. Since many teachers simply post new content blocks or links for distance learning without providing announcements or listing assignments, this could help students stay informed and up to date on these types of assignments. 

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Hi @wellse21


Users can receive notifications about what's going on in their classes, depending on the settings in place for each user and each class. Individual users can control what notifications they receive, how often they receive them and choose to receive them via email and/or text message.


I have attached articles here that should walk you through the process of getting started with notifications and turning page content notifications on or off. You can access them through the direct links provided below: 


How do I get started with notifications 


Turning page content notifications on or off 

Elston S.
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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Yes, I understand this, I was referring to the students' point of view, specifically about content update notifications. As evidenced in the image below, students are only able to get content update notifications through the daily email option; my suggestion was that the option for instant email/SMS be added to this as well. Annotation 2020-03-25 121558.jpg

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

HI @wellse21,


Thank you for your effort to make the PowerSchool Learning experience better for everyone.

I have submitted a feature request on your behalf to the PowerSchool Learning product development team with the suggestion to provide an option to enable instant emails and SMS to be sent to students when there are content updates available. 

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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