Unable to reset password to register for K

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Unable to reset password to register for K

I used a temporary password to access the website (provided via email), but now when it tells me to select a new permanent password- I enter it, click "Continue" and it jumps right back to the page that says to please reset my password.  I can't get past this loop.  Please help.  I need to register my child for kindergarten.  Thank you!

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Re: Unable to reset password to register for K


The error can be caused due to a few factors such as cookies, and cache being populated, browser extensions that might be blocking the page from loading or browser incompatibility.


Our knowledge base article on clearing browser history, cache, and cookies should be able to help you walk you through the steps, please find the direct link here.

Please make sure that when you clear cache and cookies on your browser that you select the option to clear data for "All time" and to select Browsing History, Cookies, and other site data and cached images and files on the clear browsing history pop-up menu.  I have provided a screenshot of the options to select when clearing cached data.


You can also try to access the portal using incognito mode on your browser with third-party extensions (if any) disabled. The instructions on how to disable extensions on Google Chrome web browser is available below.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. To the right of the address bar, look for the icon of the extension you want to turn on or off allow in incognito. Right-click or press and hold on the icon, and click/tap on Manage extensions as shown in the screenshot below.



3. Turn off Allow in incognito as shown in the screenshot below.




Another option would be to use a different browser altogether, Google Chrome is the recommended browser of choice when accessing PowerSchool Enrollment.

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