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Invalid format

Hi, we are new in the district 33 C. I`m trying to register my daughter, she was born out of the US, and I have additional question about the date that she started school in US. We are trying to put in the correct format, but we are not able to type the two digits (it is restricting us from typing it in). Instead of date: 2011-09-01 we can only put in 2011-09.....after all we can`t finish the registartion. Please let us know the solution to this problem ASAP.

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Re: Invalid format

Hello @Amelia2005 , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


It sounds like there may be a formatting issue on your form that is preventing you from entering the full date. I would suggest contacting your school district directly to report this issue, so that they can work with our team to fix the form. 


Please let me know if you have any further questions!