E99 Error


E99 Error

A student was rolled over into the newly created year, but the student withdrew before the new year was created and is already attending another school. 

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I'm sorry you are experiencing an E99 error. This error tells the user that there is an E99 somewhere in the state database which has not been resolved before your withdrawal date.


1) 1) If your district has an E99 for the student, it will need to be resolved before continuing the process. Since the student is in a transitional enrollment and not a full enrollment, the system will not allow you to withdraw yet.


2) If your district does not have an E99, get in contact with the district that is receiving your student to make sure that they do, in fact, have an E99 for this student for this academic year, and confirm that the enrollment date for that E99 comes after the withdrawal date you wish to use. If the dates do not align, you will need to work with the other district to determine the correct exit and entry dates to allow you to withdraw at your district before their entry date.


*Please note that if neither district sees an E99, you will need to reach out to the PowerSchool Designated Support Contact assigned to your district who will assist you further with the same. 


Please do let us know if you have any further queries. 

Elston S.
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