DPS Pre-K Enrollment.


DPS Pre-K Enrollment.

Hi, Monday I received an email that my youngest of 3 got accepted into the prek school of our choice (excited!) and we filled out the google form stating that we accept the slot. I then read that I had to begin the enrollment process. I clicked on the link for the PowerSchool sign up even though I already have an account with my other 2 children. (I suppose at some other point I will be able to combine the 2 separate accounts into 1....?) But according to the enrollment video I saw I was supposed to get a form to fill out and all I got was a blanke dashboard with absolutely no icon that says "start a new form" or at least I can not find it....? I have already  called the 919-560-2029 number and left a message and I have not heard back. The only thing I got was an email saying :

"Dear Yesica Perez Rico,

You have successfully created your secure family account, and are now able to complete online forms for Durham Public School.  To sign in, you''ll be asked for your email address and the password you selected when the account was created."

I have been trying to locate a form to fill out for my prek student. I have already successfully filled out the returning student forms for my other 2 kids. Yet I've tried several times to figure out the prek enrollment and I'm not getting anywhere..... 


Please help I don't want my daughter to lose her prek slot.

Thank you,
PowerSchool Registration Support

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Re: DPS Pre-K Enrollment.

UPDATE!!! I just finally and literally just finished doing the enrollment form for my prek student!  I contacted someone at my kids assigned school through the remind app on my phone about not being able to start the enrollment form on the web page. She then spoke to the data manager about my problem and what could be done to resolve my problem. I waited for like 30 minutes and then I tried signing in again to see if I could get started and..... FINALLY I got a big red bold message on the screen letting me know that platform is only for new DPS students. Thanks be to God! And thank you to all the staff working behind the screens to make all this virtually possible! THANK YOU!!! ❤️