Almost done online registration and then got an error message

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Almost done online registration and then got an error message

I've almost completed all of the forms to enroll online. I went back to review previous forms and now each time I click on the student contacts tab I get an error message (copied below). In fact, once I get that error message, I can not click on any other tabs. Its as if the enrollment is frozen. I have switched from chrome to internet explorer - with the same result. Since I have only a few forms left to complete, I'd hate to have to start all over and re-upload documents. Any help navigating this is greatly appreciated. 


Here is the error message. 


"The following error occurred in the ActionFormService.GetActionFormContent: System.ArgumentException: The number of arguments passed to the function does not match the number of parameters defined for this function. at Infosnap.Secure.Domain.Code.Function.Execute(List`1 arguments) at Infosnap.Secure.Domain.Forms.SmartFormUpdate.Evaluate(NameValueCollection formData, IDictionary`2 sessionData, Function function) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Controllers.Services.ActionFormsService.GetValidatorSmartFormUpdate(IList`1 validatorUpdates, ActionSession session, String actionFormContent, Int32 page) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Controllers.Services.ActionFormsService.GetActionFormContent(Int32 publishedActionId, String culture, Int32 page)"

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Re: Almost done online registration and then got an error message

Hey @jamiescole1


One of our PowerSchool Community members faced a similar issue and the response within this thread explains the reason why this error message appears when you are trying to register online and also provides a resolution. I recommend reviewing the post through this direct link.

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