To Host or not to Host?


To Host or not to Host?

I realize this may not be the place for this dicussion, but I am curious about the Pros & Cons of having Powerschool host our SIS.  In particular will Clever still be able to Sync and will SIF continue to work?  What about mapped drives on the server?  Does the speed of extracting data va ODBC suffer?  Plugins??

Any feedback is appreciated.


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Re: To Host or not to Host?

Thank you for posting this question in the Community! While we’re working to consolidate our support communities, PowerSchool SIS discussions are still taking place in PowerSource forums, where other SIS admins may be able to weigh in on their experiences with hosting and Clever. It might be a good idea to also post this question there to hear their experiences.


There are benefits to having PowerSchool host your SIS. If this is something you'd like to explore with our PowerSchool team, we do have a link on our Services page to connect you with our Technical Services Group, which includes information on Hosting Services.


Thanks, again, for reaching out to our Community! We welcome our Community members to respond with their own experiences as well.


Lisa L

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